I’ve always thought that Amanda Holden was really sexy… even more so now she is of cougar age. She seems to have more than her fair share of male fans since she started appearing on Britain’s Got Talent. Lots of guys tuning in to check out her sexy legs I would imagine… which is easy to imagine as I do too lol.

Amanda Holden nude

I’m betting like me you wanna see this hot famous MILF without clothes on. I’d love to see her naked as she is right now but it’s really not going to happen. However look at these awesome faked nudes of her and let your dirty mind run free!

Amanda Holden naked

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To be honest I never thought that the singer Adele was hot or sexy. She’s a bigger gal but I did see footage of her in a t-shirt and it’s clear she has some big ol’ tits on her. After seeing that pic I went looking for some pics of her topless or at least showing some cleavage.

Adele fakes

I found very little to make me happy til I remembered where I could find the next best thing to aid my little fantasy. These photos are just what I was after. Yes these are faked but my God I love them! That one of her holding her big juicy boobs up is a perfect cum target lol!

Adele nude photo

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I came across a whole series of nude photos of Carrie Underwood earlier. At first I thought they were real leaked pictures but sadly not. No these are celebrity fakes but so well done it is impossible to tell. A talented faker has created these fantasy images.

Carrie Underwood naked

Carrie Underwood nude

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A buddy of mine has been riding me to post some nude pictures of his favorite celebrity which happens to be Penelope Cruz. To get him off my back I dug out these two pics of the sexy Spanish actress looking all sultry and shit.

Penelope Cruz nude

Actually I like her too and was surprised to find we hadn’t posted any photos of her before. These faked pictures of her totally without clothes should make up for it I hope?

Penelope Cruz porn

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I’ve been itching to post these nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence for a while. I love this girls look and find myself really attracted to her. So much so I had quite a hot dream about the young actress that involved myself, her and massage oil!

Jennifer Lawrence nude

My dirty fantasies aside Jennifer probably won’t be the type to do much in the way of nudity I fear. It’s OK though as we have the closest thing to that for you. These fakes of the pretty celebrity should help!

Jennifer Lawrence naked

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Sexy Halle Berry made headlines again recently when she was on Leno and he could not stop staring at her considerable cleavage. Can’t blame the poor guy look at those boobs! I’d not only be staring but drooling as well. Good thing I don’t have a tonight show!

Anyway after seeing that it reminded me to post these pictures from the guys at Celebs Dungeon. They did a whole fantasy series of their hand drawn celebrity porn featuring Halle Berry and her killer body. Take a look at some of the previews from the set.

Halle Berry sex

Halle Berry fantasy

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It can make you feel really old when you see the age of some celebrities. I was surprised to see that Kimberly Williams (Kimberly Williams-Paisley now) is now over 40. I still remember her in Father of the Bride as if it were yesterday.

Kimberly Williams nude

While not a massive name in the celebrity world I thought we should post some faked nude photos of Kimberly in the name of nostalgia. Check out these bad boys and see who salutes!

Kimberly Williams fake

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Her popularity may have gone off the boil a bit from what it was a couple of years ago but Megan Fox is still very sexy. I found some new fakes of the exquisitely beautiful actress and will post a couple of my favorite ones.

Megan Fox fakes

The first of these show Megan topless and driving an expensive looking sports car. If I was the owner I wouldn’t be washing that car seat ever!! The other image is a full on porn parody with Megan receiving anal sex.

Megan Fox anal

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