I’ve been watching a fair bit of women’s tennis of late with the recent US Open and all. Man, there are so many sexy tennis players at the moment. All those gorgeous Russian and Slavic girls in particular. Most of the could easily be models, but I am sure there is probably more money in tennis if you can get up the rankings.

Anna Kournikova nude

Back a decade or more ago there were only a few really hot girls on the tour. The queen was of course Anna Kournikova. Guys the world over drooled whenever the hot blonde Russian took the court in her short skirt. True she was never really a top player but damn she was a hottie.

Anna Kournikova sex

I dug out some of my favorite Anna Kournikova fakes this afternoon as I was feeling all nostalgic. Both are from Celeb Defamer and they have more of them too. Check out their site to see more sexy tennis babes and all sorts of other sports women and celebrities.

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