I’ve been a big fan of sexy British TV host Carol Vorderman for quite a while. Seeing as I don’t live in the OK and pretty never see her on our TV it makes it a bit frustrating but the modern age of the net means I can still get my fix of this incredible looking mature celebrity.

Carol Vorderman nude

There’s more than a few nice compilation style videos of her parading around in all sorts of outfits. I love seeing her sexy bum in tight pants or her hot legs in a skirt. I always hope her skirt will flip up at just the right moment when she is flipping those letters and give us the king of all oops pictures. The show wouldn’t be live so even if it did happen you wouldn’t see it I am sure.

Carol Vorderman naked

Anyway, if you are a Brit you probably want to see Carol naked even more than me which is no small feat. Bad news – there are none! How’s that for ripping a band-aid off lol. The good news however is that there are a mountain of Carol Vorderman fake photos like these at the Celeb Defamer site along with fakes of 1,000s more famous ladies.

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