While I am in the nostalgic mood Drew Barrymore is another celebrity crush from my teen years. In fact I still love her today. She has always had that ‘full of life’ and fun sort of vibe about her. What she may not have in raw sexiness she more than makes up for in cute. So I don’t wanna see her naked? Piss off! Of course I do haha!

Drew Barrymore fake

Drew Barrymore sex

She had done Playboy and we have seen her boobs a few other times too but you always want to see more. Such is the way with celebrities. I knew I would a fuck ton of Drew Barrymore fakes at Celeb Defamer and I did. I picked out a couple I liked most to show here. As always I have to downsize them to post. If you do want to download the large versions and the full set then I suggest you join their site and get access to the motherload of faked celebrity photos.

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