I was at home in front of the TV with a couple of friends the other day and a rerun of The Nanny came on. One of my buddies said how amazing a body Fran Drescher had. I asked him if he knew she was in her late thirties and early forties during the run of the show. He refused to believe and I had to fire up Wikipedia on my iphone to prove it. Even today she still looks smoking hot and has an amazing figure and she is now over 50!

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I then showed them some Fran Drescher fakes I had downloaded off Celeb Defamer previously. These went over well. One of my buddies had never heard of fakes and was astonished by how real they looked. I then opened their site proper and we had a great time suggesting celebrities we wanted to see naked and then searching their names in the database and pulling up nude photos of them like these. At time like that I am glad I am a member.

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