Like a lot of guys me age I first feel in love with Jennifer Aniston after seeing her in Friends where she of course played Rachel. Even among the other two really beautiful stars Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, JA was a standout. More than a decade later and if anything I think she is possibly more sexy now than ever. I’ve seen recent shots of her in a skimpy bikini and that body is still slammin’!

Jennifer Aniston nude

Jennifer Aniston fake

If you want to see an A-list celebrity like her nude though you are shit out of luck. I can’t see her doing a scene like that now sadly. What we do have though are faked nudes like these of the pretty actress. Finally you can envisage her in all her glory. I like the porn fake too!

You can find tonnes more Jennifer Aniston fakes at Celeb Defamer where I got these from. At last count they have around 250,000 celebrity fakes in their huge searchable database.

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