One of the sexiest pop stars around at the moment is Katy Perry in my book. Yes, I probably like her most for the two very obvious reasons. This girl has got a fantastic pair of tits! They are memorizing! I’ve seen a few animated gifs of those big boobs bouncing around on a loop and they are hypnotic.

Katy Perry naked

I have been waiting to see her go topless as I really want to see those mounds let loose. All this cock teasing is obviously good for keeping up interest in her. I know I await every new music video in the hope of seeing some cleavage!

Katy Perry sex

I decided to see how many Katy Perry fakes they had in their collection at Celeb Defamer. I was pleased to find their were a whole stack of them. I picked out two nice ones to show off here today. As always if you want to see more and in full size then you will need to become a member of their site. Of course you will also get access to fakes of thousands more female celebrities too.

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