Without a doubt we get more requests to post Natalie Portman fakes than any other celebrity. There is just something really special about this girl. Despite not being in many films or in the spotlight much of late she is still a fan favorite. It’s easy to see why I guess. She has that sort of timeless classic beauty. Other starlets come and go but she will always be beautiful.

Natalie Portman nude

Natalie Portman sex

If you are even remotely realistic you’ll accept you are never going to see an A-list actress like her naked for real. You can hope for some grainy sex tape that may or may not even be real (many aren’t) or be satisfied with the occasional paparazzi photo that shows two pixels of her panties in some lame upskirt attempt or you can do what I do and collect fakes like these.

Both of these Natalie Portman fakes are from Celeb Defamer and are just awesome as far as I am concerned. You can see tonnes more of their huge collection of Natalie they have in their gigantic members area.

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