I tell you I am not normally one for watching cook shows, if you exclude Hells Kitchen, but I always try and catch Nigella Lawson… and yes for all the obvious reasons. This woman is incredibly sexy and the perfect example of what a hot MILF looks like. Watching her cook is like softcore porn! Those tight blouses she is so fond of wearing really show off her magnificent breasts. No idea what cup size she is but damn they are big!

Nigella Lawson nude

I scoured the web many times searching for Nigella Lawson nude photos and there really is nothing. Some downblouse cleavage shots are the raunchiest you will find. I knew where to find the next best thing though and went to Celeb Defamer. This is my favorite from the ones they had of the voluptuous celebrity chef. I really find that see thru teddy sexy as hell and I imagine it would be something she would wear for her husband who is the luckiest bastard on the planet. Imagine coming home to that!

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