I have often thought if only the girls in Sex And The City got nude i would probably watch it. actually I would definitely watch it! I would kill to see Kristin Davis naked especially. She is my favorite of the four girls by a mile but I wouldn’t turn down the other three either I am sure.

So when I saw there was a Sex And The City porn parody out I had to see it. In it we get to see Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes put down their shopping bags and grab hold of some cocks. Forget scouring the web for nude scenes from the show or movie – this is full on hardcore!

I won’t go on about and spoil the plot lol. Watch the free video trailer for a glimpse of the action. If you like what you see you can get the full video from Parody Pass as well as their many other XXX versions of current television shows and films.

We get requests for many different celebrities her at NCF. A lot of the names I see I often have not even heard of. When I saw a request for Lilly Truscott and Lola Luftnagle I googled the names to see who they were. Well they are the names of the characters that Emily Osment plays in Hannah Montanna. I definitely know who Emily is and she is a sexy little thing I have been meaning to showcase here for quite some time anyway. So without further ado heres a couple of nice nude fakes of the blue eyed blonde babe.

Emily Osment naked

Emily Osment sexy

Both of these faked nude pictures show her perfect perky boobs. I have spent a lot of time imagining what they look like haha. She shows us her neat trimmed pussy too and there are some other sex fakes of her at Celeb Defamer where she is in porn scenes. Be sure to swing by their site to see them.

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A buddy of mine has had a massive celebrity crush on Keira Knightley for years. I can see why. She is a modern day goddess and I must surprised to find we had yet to features any pictures of her with no clothes on as of yet. Lets fix that here and now eh? Here are two very nice nude fakes of the beautiful actress for your viewing pleasure.

Keira Knightley nude

Keira Knightley sex

Is that the body you imagined? Of course we have never seen her naked for real but that is just the type of figure I though this A-list celebrity would have. Smallish boobs and a great ass… sounds good to me.

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Sweet faced brunette Nina Dobrev has mostly stared in the type of television programs I don’t tend to watch. You know the type. All those teen drama type shows. I catch a glimpse of them every now and then but can never bring myself to sit through an entire episode. If they put Nina in some revealing outfits I might be more inclined to keep watching though! Not gonna happen, but a man can dream haha.

Nina Dobrev nude

Nina Dobrev sex

The only way you are going to see this pretty actress naked for the time being is via faked images like these. Love them or hate them it’s as close as you are going to get to seeing the vast majority of famous women nude.

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When I hear the name Blake Lively I immediately think ‘great tits’. Oh I know I am so shallow haha. The truth is though she has a really great rack and one I would drag myself over hot coals to see more of.

Blake Lively naked

I reckon we might see her do a fair bit of nudity in future film roles for some reason. Don’t know why, just a feeling I get with her. Till that day though we will have make do with fakes like these to get our fix of the up and coming actress.

Blake Lively fake

I had a tough choice picking just two out of the collection of these Blake Lively fakes at Celeb Defamer. See the full series by becoming a member as well as fakes of thousands more famous women.

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Another young famous starlet for you today. I bet you’ve only dreamed of seeing sexy little Victoria Justice like this! I know I have. I found a huge series of both nude and porn fakes of the gorgeous dark haired actress. It was tough picking just two but these are the ones I liked the most.

Victoria Justice nude

The first shows her totally naked except for her sexy high heels as she squats down on her dildo and just about loses it inside her tight pussy. The other is porn style fake that shows her getting a cock poked into both holes at once.

Victoria Justice sex

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I’ve yet to met anyone that doesn’t like the TV show scrubs. I used to really love it. Of course I had a huge crush on Sarah Chalke who plays Dr Elliot Reid which helped! So when I saw there was a porn parody of it available I wanted to see it. I’m glad I did too, it was really funny and had plenty of very hot action with all the main characters. Most of the focus is on Elliot and that was what I was hoping for.

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Another little Hollywood who recently turned eighteen is Debby Ryan. We get a tonne of requests to post nude fakes of this popular teen actress. I’m posting my favorite faked image of her that has her with a naughty smile spreading across her pretty face. I think it fits perfectly with her stroking a rubber cock and hints at what she is going to do with it. How’d you like to see that?!

Debby Ryan nude

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