We’ve posted a tonne of the best celebrity fakes available over the time we’ve been running. It’s often tough choosing a candidate. Sometimes we decide on a whim while other times we try and fill requests for visitors and friends. Today’s featured celebrity is Emmy Rossum, who a good buddy of mine just adores. So this one is for you Talky!

Emmy Rossum in the nude

Both of these show the beautiful actress completely naked and playing around with a clear sex toy. I highly doubt you are going to see something like this in her next movie!

fakes of Emmy Rossum

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There are so many of these gorgeous young ‘up and coming’ female celebrities around at the moment. I am talking about girls like Demi Lovato and co. They are kind of like a modern ‘brat pack’ if you are old enough to get the reference. We’ve given her today’s featured spot here at NCF with a couple of really nice faked photos.

Demi Lovato nude

I especially love the first pic of her spread eagled showing us the money. I looked long and hard at that pic before choosing it. The second pic is more x-rated and the stuff of pure celebrity fantasy.

Demi Lovato fakes

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Still one of the hottest women on the planet (I can’t speak for other planets as I’ve never been there) is Angelina Jolie. We haven’t seen her in too much recently but she has still got it. I am secretly hoping for a role that has a shocking amount of nudity from her… probably not gonna happen but a man can dream damn it!!

Angelina Jolie topless

Angelina Jolie comix

Until that day comes we can always enjoy the fakes and the illustrated sex fantasies like this one from the guys at Celebs Dungeon, One moment she’s on the red carpet with her big breasts exposed and then later she is bound with some kinky restraints and pleasured til she squirts. Be sure to visit their site to see all their stuff.

If you like the sultry latinas then I bet you are well and truly familiar with sexy Colombian born actress Sofia Vergara. She’s been around a while (believe it or not she is 40!) but it wasn’t until she landed a major role in the popular Modern Family as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett that she really sky rocketed in fame.

Sofia Vergara nude

No surprise she has done quite a bit of modeling either. She is striking looking and has those famous latin curves. While there may be loads of ‘sexy’ pictures of her if you want to see her completely naked you are going to have to rely of faked ones like this.

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I think if I ever saw Hayden Panettiere up close I’d probably lose all ability to speak. She is an exceptionally beautiful looking girl and always looks amazing in any photo I see of her… speaking of which, I think she looks pretty damn good in these two!

Hayden Panettiere nude

The first shows her in that sexy little cheerleader outfit. Oops the top has slide up and her perky young boobs are exposed! May as well pulls those panties off too so we can see that sweet muff.

Hayden Panettiere faked

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Yet another stunning example of a hot famous woman well into forties. This time it’s Jill Hennessy who rose to fame in Law & Order. She is still a striking looking female and one I wish we saw much more of. Well we can’t find her a new role to play but we can help you see more of her another way. Check out this faked nude photo of her wearing nothing but lacy pink stockings.

Jill Hennessy nude

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Sexy latina Eva Mendes might be pushing towards forty but the shapely star has never looked better. I guess it’s true when they “40 is the new 30″… being filthy rich probably helps too haha.

Eva Mendes nude

We’ve seen plenty of sexy photos and oops pictures captured but I bet you never dreamed you would see her like this! The first shot above shows her wonderful naked body in all it’s glory. The second shot is even more revealing with her getting that sweet latin muff stuffed big time.

Eva Mendes sex

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I came across some very nice celebrity hentai featuring one of the hottest blondes to be a blonde Scarlett Johansson. They’ve got her in a rather kinky yellow PVC outfit and killer pumps. To complete the scene she has some favorite bondage toys at her disposal too.

Scarlett Johansson nude

With her hands cuffed and legs in the air she is vulnerable to penetration. Her big chrome plated dildo finds its way into both her ass and pussy.

Scarlett Johansson sex

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