Some brand spanking new nude fakes of arguably the hottest woman on the planet Angelina Jolie coming your way today. This lady has been in my top 3 celebs I wanna bang for as long as I can remember… probably from when I first laid eyes on her in a cult film called Hackers even.

Angelina Jolie nude

I had a hard time choosing just two images to show but I finally settled on these. Both are hot and show the beautiful actress completely naked and looking nigh on perfect.

Angelina Jolie naked

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One of my favorite actresses right now is smoking hot Mila Kunis. She has that sultry beauty I really love and from what I have seen an equally hot body. I’ve seen quite a few shots of her rocking a swimsuit and wow!

Mila Kunis sex

I really enjoyed this series of hentai pictures of her that I found. The gorgeous star is hog tied while her lover pleasures her tight asshole with a dildo while pinching her nipples. Later he spreads her legs wide and lets her have it with his extra large cock.

Mila Kunis fakes

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I can’t say that I find the music of Ashley Tisdale very enjoyable or her acting performances but damn she is nice to look at. She is quite a looker and love the skimpy outfits she is known to wear. She is also a bit of a paparazzi’s dream as she is always providing them with oops opportunities to film.

Ashley Tisdale nude

Ashley Tisdale fakes

Today though it’s all about seeing this famous hottie naked. I dug out a couple of epicly hot pictures of Ashley for you. Both of them come courtesy of the website so you know they aren’t real. Who cares when they are this good though? Hit them up to see the full series!

We’ve got some hot nude pics of former wrestling babe Stacy Keibler for you today. I remember watching this gorgeous chick duke it out in all sorts of sexy outfits during the period I watched wrestling. It always left me horny and wanting to see more of her luscious body.

Stacy Keibler nude

There are lots of revealing pics of her spread across the net due to the type of work she has done. I wanted to see full nudity though and plenty of it.

Stacy Keibler fakes

I found a whole stash of Stacy Keibler nude fakes at the site where these are from. They have many more of her as well as 1,000s more actresses, models, sports women, television presenter and other women in the public eye.

I have to hand it to Lindsay Lohan, she may not have stared in anything good for years but she is never out of the headlines and is still one of the most searched for celebrities in the world despite of this. Recently it was the Lindsay Lohan commando nude photos. She sure knows how to keep herself up there in the spotlight I’ll give her that.

Lindsay Lohan nude

Lindsay Lohan commando

Now these aren’t the real ones but I like them even better as they are far more explicit. In these fakes you see her not only nude but giving head and having sex. I really love the first collage and included a link to the glorious wallpaper size picture… it makes for a good backdrop!

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Yet another in the line of smoking hot blondes for you today in the form of Veronica Mars star Kristen Bell. This gorgeous creature has been on my radar ever since I saw her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I like her pretty expressive face and from what I’ve seen of her in a bikini her figure is just amazing.

Kristen Bell nude

Kristen Bell fakes

Ok enough of my drooling and onto some pics. Of course these photos are not real just in case you need it pointed out to you. I grabbed both of these fake nude pics from Celeb Dreamer. There are more of them too available to members only. Head over and treat yourself to a membership and see them all and score bonus access to their hot celebrity cartoon site
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Who do you think is the sexiest female athlete on the planet? After two weeks of being glued to the London Olympic Games it is hard to say as there have been so many sexy sports women with amazing bodies from all over the globe. I still reckon my personal favorite is sexy tennis player Maria Sharapova. There is just something about the tall leggy blonde that has me staring at the screen like a horny dog… and no it’s not her screeching.

Maria Sharapova oops upskirt

Maria Sharapova fakes

You won’t find any real nude photos of the tennis babe so don’t bother looking. You’ll find a few oops and upskirt pics of course but none as good as the one above haha. Oh if only she played without panties! The other sex pic is even hotter and definitely something you are never gonna see for real.

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Something a little different than the usual fakes we post for you today. Check out these beautiful hand drawn sex pics of Katy Perry. She is really showing what a dirty girl she really is in these kinky shots. The busty pop star is really getting it good as she is tied up with her legs spread. The stuff of wet dreams for many a lad around the world I would imagine.

Katy Perry nude

Katy Perry sex

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