There are not many guys that would not have the beautiful Natalie Portman in their top 10 most desirable women of all time. Hell she is in my top 3! While we have featured the Black swan actress before I thought it was time to post some new fakes of her. I am pretty sure no one is going to object.

Natalie Portman nude

Natalie Portman fakes

The first ones shows her in a position that would drive any many crazy. How’d you like that presented to you?? The second is a porn style faked images of her taking on three horny cocks at once.

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Who doesn’t like a sexy ginger? We’ve got just that for you today in the form of actress and jazz singer Renee Olstead. She has blossomed into quite the hottie I reckon most would agree. Her sweet smile, big green eyes and that long red hair do it for me big time.

Renee Olstead nude

Renee Olstead fakes

There are very few revealing pics of her though. I did find a whole stack of nude fakes of the pretty up and coming star though. Both of these are from Fake Fantasy. If you want more head on over and treat yourself to a membership. You will then have access to fakes of thousands of hot female celebs.

Too hot for words is how I would describe Charlize Theron. Therefor it makes it hard to write much for todays post but I’ll try anyway. The stunningly beautiful actress always impresses me with both her beauty and her obvious acting talent. I’ve yet to see her in anything that didn’t make me feel that way about her.

Charlize Theron nude

I am sure you aren’t here to listen to my opinions on her acting prowess though. No, you perverts want to see her naked. Ok, twist my arm – here are two nude photos of the famous babe. Both are fakes of course but don’t let that stop you from enjoying them!

Charlize Theron fake

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Find me a man that didn’t laugh like a drain at the movie Anchorman and I’ll show you a man with no sense of humor. I’ve yet to come across anyone that didn’t like it. In fact I’d go so far as to say that Ron Burgundy is one of the funniest characters in recent memory and Will Ferrell’s best ever.

When I saw that the team at Parody Pass had produced a porn version of the comedy hit I just had to download it. I fired it up last night and watched it from start to finish and it was hilarious.

Of course this version actually does something about the unresolved sexual tension between Ron and sexy Veronica Corningstone. Hell even Brick, Brian and Champ get in on the act too and fuck her.

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She may not be a household name or as famous as a lot of her fellow young actresses but Kristen Kreuk is every bit as hot. She has a really gorgeous face with piercing eyes and a show stopper smile. It doesn’t hurt she has a tight and toned body too hehe. We haven’t seen too much of it yet but if these fakes are anything to by look out!!

Kristen Kreuk nude

Kristen Kreuk fakes

Both of these come courtesy of the Fake Fantasy website and there are quite a few more of them of her too. Join their site to get access to tonnes more faked nude and sex photos of hundreds of the world’s most alluring female celebrities.

I came across (almost literally!) these super hot images of arguably the worlds most beautiful woman earlier. Of course it’s the stunning Angelina Jolie in a series of illustrated images that sees her in some very compromising positions. The famous babe is tied and bound the bed with her succulent thighs spread wide open and her pussy hot and ready for action. Outside a teenage boys wet dreams I doubt you even imagined this!

Angelina Jolie fakes

Angelina Jolie sex

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A celebrity as sexy as little Emily Osment deserves a second post. We posted some nice nude fakes of the gorgeous young actress a while back and you guys lapped that shit up big time, so we are gonna throw up some new hardcore ones for you to drool over. Yes, these are of course faked but damn this is some hot stuff huh?

Emily Osment sex

Emily Osment nude

Love that first one of her just as finishes services a big cock with her sweet little mouth. She releases it just in time for it to spurt hot cum all over her perky breasts and face.

Oh if only this were real! Maybe one day we will get such a treat but till then you can find more of these pictures at Fake Fantasy

Gorgeous little Ginnifer Goodwin is our featured celebrity for today and what a beautiful one she makes. She reminds me so much of a young Katie Holmes. A really nice mix of cute and sexy at the same time. I went digging for some nude photos of the pretty New Girl star and the only ones I found are fakes… very good ones, but faked nonetheless. Still these are as close as we may ever get to seeing her naked so kick back and enjoy them we say.

Ginnifer Goodwin nude

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