Rachel McAdams is one of those actresses that just steals the spotlight in every scene she is in. That gorgeous face just lights up the screen… plus she has dimples! Haha I am a sucker for a girl with dimples. As for the body? Well we have never really gotten to see much in the way of skin from this pretty actress but I would imagine she has a luscious body to go with that dreamy face.

Rachel McAdams naked

Well the guys at Celeb Defamer aren’t ones to die wondering and have knocked out a whole slew of Rachel McAdams nude fakes. I picked out this one as my personal favorite of the bunch. A really great fake that is literally impossible to fault. Now if we could just get her to take her clothes off for real I could tell you whether they got the finer details correct.

You can see more Rachel McAdams fakes at Celeb Defamer as well around a quarter of a million more of various female celebrities.

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