I really liked the sitcom ‘That 70′s Show’ back when it was airing. It was funny and retro and didn’t try to take itself too seriously. It also introduced many of us to the bewitchingly beautiful Mila Kunis and also Laura Prepon.

I see a rerun the other day and by coincidence later on I noticed there was a porn version of the show haha. When I saw the cover I had to download it as it looked like a good laugh. Have a look at some pictures and a video trailer from the x-rated version.

They did a good job on casting. The characters all look and act like their counterparts. There is tonnes of sex that goes on in this house and I loved watching the mother sucking off all her sons friends… what a mom!

This is really an awesome porn parody of a great TV show. Download the 120 minute full video at Parody Pass along with loads more of their x-rated versions of various television shows and films.

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