I have thought that Tina Fey is hot for quite a long time. Since I first saw her on SNL in fact. Seems quite a few people started to notice she was kind of hot after she did that Sarah Palin parody. She has that cute geek girl thing working for her big time and she also has a really nice body that is usually well covered up… unfortunately. She has big tits for a slim girl and they look like they are all natural. Hard to say as we have never seen her naked for real but I can’t see her as the type to get implants.

Tina Fey naked

Tina Fey nude

Anyway enough jibba jabba you are here to see Tina Fey nude so here are a couple of nice fakes showing the funny chick in all her glory. If you like these then you can find a lot more at Celeb Defamer, as well as over 250,000 more celebrity fakes of many different actresses, models, sports women, pop stars and more.

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