I thought they were joking when I heard there was an x-rated version of the Golden Girls show floating about. Lets face it it’s not one of the first shows that springs to mind when one thinks ‘sexy’. I watched it regardless, and was glad I did. Four hot mature ladies who love to suck and fuck, well that sounds like a great story to these ears!

Sure the porn stars playing the parts of the girls aren’t really as old as the actresses they are playing… that’d be a bit off. Instead they have picked somewhat younger women and done wonders with makeup and hair styling.

So we get to see Betty White et al having all manner of dirty sex right there in their shared house. Turns out Blanche isn’t the only slut too! Some of these GILFs love the cock more than life itself!

See the huge full 161 minute video at Parody Pass, as well as x-rated episodes of loads more television programs and movies.

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